GlueSync - SQL to NoSQL data streaming connector

GlueSync is a native database connector for real-time eventing-based data streaming from SQL to NoSQL and viceversa. You can read more about GlueSync’s native approach looking at our blog article The GlueSync Journey.

In this documentation you can find the installation and configuration steps necessary to setup GlueSync into your infrastructure and connect a RDBMS instance with a Couchbase NoSQL database.

Before proceeding, for each GlueSync connection, please check if you have the following information:

  • RDBMS connection details, like:

    • Username

    • Password

    • Connection string (IP address / port)

    • Tables names

  • Couchbase Server connection details, like:

    • Destination bucket

    • Connection string (IP address / port)

    • Username

    • Password

Compatibility matrix

RDBMS edition / version GlueSync compatibility Technology used


✅ from GlueSync v1.0.0 starting from version 5.5 and above all editions


Microsoft SQL Server

✅ from GlueSync v1.0.0 starting from version 2016 and above all editions

native w/ change tracking

Microsoft SQL Azure

✅ from GlueSync v1.0.0

native w/ change tracking

Oracle Database

✅ from GlueSync v1.2.0 starting from version 12c and above, all editions

native w/ change data capture via Xstream APIs licensed under Oracle Golden Gate middleware

DB2 for series i (AS/400) and DB2 for z/OS

starting from version 7.2

⏱ native support coming soon in mid 2021

Minimum system requirements

  • a docker environment

  • 1 vCpu and 2Gb of RAM

  • 1 Gb free disk space, used for logging redaction